Vatan Öz

Fireball and St. Petersburg 


I could not see Vladimir Putin at St. Petersburg. He left few days earlier of my arrival (I Don't know if it’s because of the very cold weather of -27 Celsius or he was thinking about the protests in Moscow.)

I was expecting to take few photograph with Putin in front of the Turkish war canons in the garden of cathedral of St. Petersburg.

The things are very difficult in Russia nowadays. 

Bashar Esad is a fire ball. Last Friday Russia and China have taken this ball in their hands using veto in UN about the resolution against Syria.

in opposite side there is US - Israel company and the satellites around them, England and France that wants the turn Middle East to a garden of roses for themselves. Russia declared that it will not involved to a civil war in Syria. That probably means Russia will not support Esad in a civil war.

Iran and Syria the  two castles survived after all happened. If Syria fall, the attacks to Iran became an easy job and after Western Pressure turn against Russia. ABD wants to be dominant power of the World gets support so many countries. The most interesting development happened last week; Israel with support of US will hit Iran at April news was all around Media. But,  Obama said, "there is no attacks to Iran in near future"

What I'm thinking is that ; Putin has been effected by the protests taken places -30 cc with the participations of 120ooo peoples asking better education and health services. I believe he is going to push the button for  few essential reforms soon. He probably knows that the protests is going to get bigger and bigger if no reforms in the agenda.

A friends in Russia said the protests in Moscow somehow meaningful and right way to go. Some journalist said the protests organised by US supporters  spending lots of dollars. But the two opinions holders united in one idea; reforms  are inevitable.

What I was doing in St. Petersburg in a busy  times in Turkey and UK. In the past capital city of old times Russia or Leningrad of USSR.

I could not see Putin but I have seen Hermitage Museum, one of the biggest museums of the World. With a beautiful friend guide me, after visiting the museum  have had a chance to see "La Corsaire" ballet at Kirov Theatre. ( Despite we missed the first part !)

Both museum and theatre were unbelievable and worth to go there to see.  Of course my beautiful friend as well !

I will write about Hermitage Museum, and  "La Corsaire" ballet at Kirov Theatre next week



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