I have been told that Avrupa is a quality newspaper; everything is fine but it would be difficult to attract people and make them read it in the period of recession in the UK since 2007. People believe that whether you have a quality newspaper, it will not be read. Nowadays news is using whatever is available on the internet. If you use women as a commodity, you can make money. I think that this way of making money and using news is not acceptable.


Dear readers, I know that you only look at the advertisings in the newspaper instead of reading the news. We do not aim to publish only advertising. Avrupa media group is moving towards becoming an international media group. We owe our companies to our UK based readers, businessmen and companies who provide financial supports. In return, we offer a full, real newspaper instead of advertising newspaper.


I would like to highlight that UK- London based Avrupa newspaper holds the title of the most widely read newspaper. The award winning Avrupa newspaper continues to be a source of pride for its readers. Avrupa newspaper is the most read ethnic minority newspaper in England and receives a very good feedback from the readers since 2002. Avrupa Turkish newspaper aims to reach more people within Europe. We aim to be Europe’s ‘AVRUPA’.


Avrupa newspaper is the only newspaper with its own news agency (AVA) and it is the only community newspaper which follows important issues happening in the world in the right place. Such as, the news on Israeli’ attack on Mavi Marmara, Libya and Somali.


Avrupa is becoming a media group with a weekly published newspaper, its own news agency (AVA), internet newspaper and avrupatimes.com published in English. My personal website vatanoz.com is also a member of Avrupa media group. We aim to be one of the biggest media groups in the world in one year. 


I would like to thank those who supports and read Avrupa newspaper.


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